10 Things NOT to do during your Twenties

1.)    Regret. Yes we’ve all made mistakes—some worse than others—but that doesn’t mean you should ever regret them or wish they didn’t happen. As cliché as it is, we do learn from our… Continue reading

If I could have a conversation with the Bachelorette, I would say

Emily, I hate you. You have the whitest teeth I have ever seen and I’m jealous. Your jugs are massive double Ds but your waist is literally nonexistent. I don’t know if it’s… Continue reading

15 Reasons Why Girls Should Start Drinking More Beer

Full disclosure: I am a straight female, and my drink of choice is beer. Today at happy hour, I went to grab drinks with a few of my co-workers at a cute little… Continue reading

The Sex Can Wait

People have sex and have been doing so for thousands of years now. Your aunt and uncle are doing it. Your parents are doing it (although I know you want to scratch that… Continue reading

Senior Year Cheer

Those four (or maybe more) years literally fly by and before you know it you’re in the real world. You’re a real person working a 9-5 job— not living off your parent’s bank… Continue reading

4 Must Have Outfits for All Types of Dates

I hate dating because I’m not good at it. I hate awkward conversations about families and hobbies. I hate having to watch how much/fast I eat. I hate fake reaching for the check.… Continue reading

Can Guys and Girls REALLY Just Be Friends

It’s the age old question and most likely it has definitely crossed your mind—especially if you have a lot of guy friends. I’m your typical girly girl and mostly always had female friends.… Continue reading