Why Its So Awkward to Make Friends at Work

As humans, we crave social interaction at all times. Okay fine, not ALL the time. But besides while you sleep and shower and watch The Real World on DVR, we need to be… Continue reading

5 Types of Dresses Every Girl Should Have

1.)    The LBD. Little Black Dress that is. I actually have a few different ones and each is so useful for multiple events. The Little Black Dress can be worn when you go… Continue reading

What I have learned from College Boys

It’s your first day and you anxiously shuffle around campus trying to figure this new place out. For a minute you stop to catch your breath and take in everything around you. You… Continue reading

Go Big or Go Home? NYT Trends Piece on Grandiose Marriage Proposals

On Friday July 27, The New York Times published an article on men using public flash mobs to propose. Men are spending thousands on these choreographed routines that are filmed by camera crews… Continue reading

A Letter to All 2012 Olympic Athletes

Dear Athletes, I salute you. You are remarkable physical creatures and I applaud you for your dedication and commitment to your respective sports. I envy you for your chiseled bodies and your undying… Continue reading

Soul mates: Do they really exist?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve imagined falling in love with the perfect man, having an amazing wedding, and living happily ever after. I blame all the Disney movies I watched… Continue reading

Nostalgia through Music

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls I’m six years old and I’m in my grandparent’s basement on a hot summer day. My two other cousins, who are right around my age, are also there. Sarah,… Continue reading

Things That Make Me Happy

We’ve all had bad days—a friend said something to upset you, you had a long day at work where nothing was going right, you had your first fight with your boyfriend, or maybe… Continue reading

21 Things to do to Lose Brownie Points in My Book

1)      Text while I’m having a conversation with you If I’m not interesting company, please let me know or leave. Don’t force me to sit through the torture of waiting for you to… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Back In With The ‘Rents.

I don’t know about y’all, but for me, coming home for the summer is like getting heart surgery without anesthesia. It’s ugly and painful. Moving back in with your parents after graduation because… Continue reading