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What to do when you want someone you can’t have

Many of us have been in the position where we feel like we’ve found the right person to be with. They have everything that you would want from a boyfriend or girlfriend and… Continue reading

I wish you were the one

I wish you were the one. If there is actually such a thing as “the one” (I’m not sure if I believe in this anymore), I wish it was you. I wish I… Continue reading

Why do people cheat?

This is a question I could never understand. Why would someone in a committed relationship feel the need to be unfaithful? Guys and girls both cheat. Some keep doing it for months and… Continue reading

The good guy vs. the bad boy

There are generally two different types of men out there—the good guys and the bad boys. Stereotypically, the good guys are the ones that are much sweeter and romantic and will put the… Continue reading

16 Immature Things Guys Do That Girls Don’t Find Funny

 Guys behave in a way that I, as a female, cannot comprehend. In fact, nothing makes a guy more unattractive than an immature sense of humor. You know, the one that crosses the… Continue reading

Dear Handsome Coworker

Dear handsome coworker, Bad news. I have a huge, huge, no good terrible crush on you. It’s not my fault. Who wouldn’t be charmed by your adorably boyish smile, your super friendliness, and… Continue reading

What I have learned from College Boys

It’s your first day and you anxiously shuffle around campus trying to figure this new place out. For a minute you stop to catch your breath and take in everything around you. You… Continue reading

Go Big or Go Home? NYT Trends Piece on Grandiose Marriage Proposals

On Friday July 27, The New York Times published an article on men using public flash mobs to propose. Men are spending thousands on these choreographed routines that are filmed by camera crews… Continue reading

Soul mates: Do they really exist?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve imagined falling in love with the perfect man, having an amazing wedding, and living happily ever after. I blame all the Disney movies I watched… Continue reading

Nostalgia through Music

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls I’m six years old and I’m in my grandparent’s basement on a hot summer day. My two other cousins, who are right around my age, are also there. Sarah,… Continue reading