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Reasons not to be sad that summer is ending

1.) No more gross humid weather. I don’t know about you, but I hate when it’s 90 degrees out and the humidity hits my face making my entire body all sticky. You don’t… Continue reading

Parents Choosing Their Kids’ Lives

I’m sure most of us have experienced this growing up in one way or another.  Your parents want you to join the math/science club in high school.  Your dad wants you to join… Continue reading

5 Types of People I Can’t Stand

1.)    Hypocrites. We’re all guilty of judging someone’s actions every now and then. It’s not something I can say I’m proud of, but at times it’s inevitable. However, judging someone when you have… Continue reading

Why Its So Awkward to Make Friends at Work

As humans, we crave social interaction at all times. Okay fine, not ALL the time. But besides while you sleep and shower and watch The Real World on DVR, we need to be… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Back In With The ‘Rents.

I don’t know about y’all, but for me, coming home for the summer is like getting heart surgery without anesthesia. It’s ugly and painful. Moving back in with your parents after graduation because… Continue reading

10 Things NOT to do during your Twenties

1.)    Regret. Yes we’ve all made mistakes—some worse than others—but that doesn’t mean you should ever regret them or wish they didn’t happen. As cliché as it is, we do learn from our… Continue reading

Senior Year Cheer

Those four (or maybe more) years literally fly by and before you know it you’re in the real world. You’re a real person working a 9-5 job— not living off your parent’s bank… Continue reading

Can Guys and Girls REALLY Just Be Friends

It’s the age old question and most likely it has definitely crossed your mind—especially if you have a lot of guy friends. I’m your typical girly girl and mostly always had female friends.… Continue reading