I wish you were the one

I wish you were the one. If there is actually such a thing as “the one” (I’m not sure if I believe in this anymore), I wish it was you. I wish I could call you up at anytime of the night and know that you will be there to listen to me. I wish I could bring you to my home and you could fit right in, like you were meant to be a part of the family all along.

At some point or another I realized that you are not the one. I can cuddle into you and fit right into your arms, but it’s temporary. It’s very comforting, but it has the feeling of an expiration date attached to it. Your friends, I like them a lot. They’re nice. But I don’t fit in. Your lifestyle is different than mine. You do certain things that I would never even dream of doing. I wish you were the one but we are too different.

I wish we could take long walks on the beach, hold hands, and talk until the sun sets. I wish you could take this void of emptiness inside of me and take it away. And you can, you most definitely can my dear. But only temporarily. We can’t be together forever and you know it.

I wish that when we make love, it’s actually us “making love”, not just sticking one body part into another until completion. I wish you could understand all of my problems and maybe not have solutions for all of them, but listen to me and get where I’m coming from. I wish we could see eye to eye. I wish I could want you as much as you want me, now and forever.

You will never be the one, and this is okay. As a twenty-something, I might have to go through many people like you to actually find someone even remotely close to the one. I’m not going to settle. I’ll keep looking and this is definitely exciting to think about. A broken heart makes one stronger does it not? So it’s okay. I can keep searching until it feels right. I’m a strong girl. What can’t kill you can only make you stronger, right? Right. Image