5 Types of People I Can’t Stand

1.)    Hypocrites. We’re all guilty of judging someone’s actions every now and then. It’s not something I can say I’m proud of, but at times it’s inevitable. However, judging someone when you have done practically the same thing is not cool. I’ve had people call me out on doing something when they have done the exact same thing before. Please don’t have a double standard.

2.)    Arrogant assholes. You’re pretty, rich, and super smart. That’s great—but you don’t need to have an inflated ego about it. The best types of people are those that are successful but don’t even show it. They’re down to earth and easy to talk to. So it’s great that you have tons of Manolo Blahniks, look like Jessica Alba, and have a hot boyfriend to go with it at all. Just don’t flaunt it in my face.

3.)    Selfish people. I don’t just mean people that are selfish about materialistic things. Although that’s is really annoying as well, what really irritates me is when people are selfish about getting what they want no matter how much it may hurt someone else’s feelings. I’ve had a friend before who totally ignored my concerns and did what she wanted. Realize that your actions may hurt other people—especially those that you care about!

4.)    Lazy bums. If you are taking some time off from school to figure out your ambitions and dreams, that’s fine. As long as you plan on going back or doing something else. Maybe you lost your job and have been unemployed for a few months but are frantically searching—it happens, the economy is bad. I absolutely cannot stand when people sit around at home with no job, education, or goals. You can’t live off of your parents forever without doing anything. NEWSFLASH: it’s not attractive!

5.)    Grudge-holders. Life is too short to be upset all the time. I’m not going to say I never get mad at anyone—I do, but most of the time I get over it and move on. People make mistakes and say or do things that may hurt you, but that’s okay. As long as it isn’t something very terrible, you should forgive and forget. People that won’t talk to their “friends” for months because of a he said-she said scenario is just plain stupid in my opinion. Remember folks, YOLO.