The good guy vs. the bad boy

There are generally two different types of men out there—the good guys and the bad boys. Stereotypically, the good guys are the ones that are much sweeter and romantic and will put the girl before himself. He’s sometimes less confident, but overall he is the type of guy you want to take home to your parents. The bad boy is more daring and definitely a lot more confident and cocky. He’s a bad influence in your life, and you know it. Think of leather jacket, cigarettes, and a babe on his side (Okay, maybe I’m stereotyping too much, but you get the point). Anyways, bad boys are bad but women are still attracted to them. Why?

I took a survey asking twenty-something women if they would prefer dating a bad boy or a good guy. The result was split 50-50. 50% of the women said that they have already dated a bad boy and are normally attracted to that type, and the other 50% said that they don’t find the appeal in naughty men and just stick to the good guy. I know there are some of the nicer guys out there who don’t understand how or why a girl would go for these types of men.

I’m only in my early twenties, but I have fallen for both the good guy and the bad boy. The good guy was definitely one I loved. He cared for me and was always there when I needed him. He was overall just “softer” both in appearance and personality. He was in my comfort zone and it was nice—definitely no complaints. The bad boy fits the exact stereotype that I described earlier, but I was still drawn to him. There was something about him calling me and wanting me, that made me want him more. It was hard saying no. He was adventurous—we did things the good guy and I never did. Everything was exciting and thrilling—I definitely left my comfort zone but it might have been for the better.

Which guy is better? Well obviously the good guy is the one I’d want to be with long-term, but that doesn’t mean the other one is necessarily terrible. Like I said, I’m in my earlier twenties and it’s good to experiment and date around. The ideal guy in my opinion would have qualities from both—he’d be right in the middle and would obviously care for me and love me, but would also be a bit daring and naughty (especially in the bedroom *ahem ahem*). I think your earlier twenties are definitely a time where you need to not only discover yourself, but also the type that you want to ultimate be with. You can only do this if you date around a bit until finding the right man who is perfect for you.