16 Immature Things Guys Do That Girls Don’t Find Funny

 Guys behave in a way that I, as a female, cannot comprehend. In fact, nothing makes a guy more unattractive than an immature sense of humor. You know, the one that crosses the line from funny to inappropriate. GIRLS DON’T DIG IT. SO STOP THE NONSENSE ALREADY. Think about it, when a girl imagines her perfect guy, she pictures a scene from the Notebook or Love Actually. But Allie didn’t go for Noah because he made farting noises or South Park jokes. So boys, I love you to death. But keep a sensor on when you’re around a lady. After all, I’m sure there is things you don’t want to hear us talk about. Here is a list of 16 things guys say or do that women, as a whole, do not find humorous. If you are a male, get your pens ready, it’s time for some notes.

1)      Gay jokes. Stop being a closet homophobe. It’s the 21st century

2)      Drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time to get SHwaAstEEEDDDD to prove that you’re “manly”

3)      Get competitive about dumb things like fantasy football.

4)      Conversations about farts and poops and other bodily functions

5)      Act like they are the shit. You’re really not.

6)      Helen Keller jokes. They’re really just not appropriate.

7)      Quote stupid lines from movies like American Pie or Anchorman

8)      Talk down to girls like they’re brain dead or  from another planet

9)      Talk down to anyone

10)   Constantly accusing women for being on their periods. We’re not PMS-ing. We just don’t find your stupid jokes funny

11)   Telling a girl to make a sandwich. Because no one laughed at the first few sexist jokes

12)   Watching the same video YouTube for the tenth time of that man falling and getting hit in the crotch

13)   Practical jokes that stretch over the course of weeks. It’s funny the first time you wrote on penis on your friends face with sharpie while he was knocked out. Not so much the 20th time. Grow up.

14)   Talking about masturbation and genitalia in general

15)   Liking comedians that do nothing but swear

16)   Constantly talk about how much ass they get. A true gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. Especially not to get his buddies to high five him for it.